Pet Photo Contest – Enter to Win!

And now, our first Winner of the howliday Pet Photo Contest! Our lucky winner gets 3 bags of Plato Pet Treats: Turkey & Cranberry, Turkey & Pumpkin and Turkey & Sweet Potato!


The winner is……….



If you didn’t win – don’t worry! You have 2 more chances to win from Plato Pet Treats!


Send a pet photo along with your answer to this week’s question:

How many pets do you have?

Email to :

**2 more chances to win! Winner for this week’s questions chosen on the 19th and one more chance to win, final prize winner announced on the 26th.

treats.jpgAnother big THANK YOU to Plato Pet Treats for hosting our howliday Pet Photo Contest as well! Plato Pet Treats are one of our top picks for healthy, quality treats that you can feel good feeding your best friends!! :) You are what you eat & your pets deserve to eat well too! Plato Pet Treats line of holiday inspired treats are fun because they make your pet feel like part of the family meal – Turkey & Cranberry, Turkey & Pumpkin and Turkey & Sweet Potato! More info online at:

Himalayan Dog Chew Review

Today I’m featuring a top pick for a durable, natural dog treat – Himalayan Dog Chews!

imageThis eco-forward treat features an age-old recipe that creates a long-lasting chew for lucky pups. Yak and cow milk is combined in a traditional Himalayan method to create a hardened “cheese” which is actually less than 1% fat per chew and safe for your pup to enjoy.

Ruby,my sisters 5 mo. old puppy, has been “taste testing” these treats



and gives it a high-flying review. Ruby is one busy puppy and she has chewed on Himalayan Dog Chew for over a week! They are definitely a great value for how long they last! Dogs of all ages and sizes can enjoy this eco-treat and owners can feel good because of its natural ingredients!

More reasons to <3 Himalayan Dog Chews:

-All Natural

-No Chemicals / Preservatives

-Lactose free / Grain Free / Gluten Free

-Long Lasting

To shop online or find more info. on these eco pet treats, visit the official website:

SeaSnax Eco-Treat Review

Today’s Daily Dig is a healthy snack (for humans) – SeaSnax! Once again, I’m featuring a human-friendly snack for all of my eco-conscious pet owners looking for their own healthy “treat”!SSX-02022-1

SeaSnax are a roasted seaweed snack that will satisfy your need for something to *crunch*! A light and crunchy snack, SeaSnax offers a variety of flavors a few different styles.

*Chompersz are a great introduction into the world of seaweed snacks! If you’ve never tried seaweed before, start with this! Chomperz blends a crispy rice flour with a flavored seaweed inside for a nice alternative to greasy chips!

*SeaStix are a light and thin seaweed snack that is made for irrestitable snacking! I found these have a stronger flavor than the Chomperz, so beware these do have a slight seaweed flavor to them.

SSX-02042-1->Although I am not as big a fan of the SeaStix, two of my friends finished off the bag and deemed them dangerously good! It’s all personal preference but the Chompers are still my favorite! :)

….More reasons to <3 SeaSnax:

-Low calorie

-Rich in natural vitamins/minerals –  iodine, calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, copper and selenium

-Non GMO

For more information on where to Buy SeaSnax - visit their official website:

Disclosure: This blog is written and edited by me personally. I give my honest opinion and assessment of any products featured on this site. (Full Disclosure & About Me)

Trend Watch: ‘Tis the Season

howliday.jpgRed Christmas Kitty Cowl (KittyCowls, $8)

Personalized Wood Ornament (SweetHomeWoods, $15)

Christmas Card (tylersworkshop, $3.75)

Personalized Family & Pet Ornament (alyshahan, $33)

Christmas Dog Collars (LucyLous22, $12)

Personalized Dog Bone Ornament (SayYourPiece, $13)

Cat Christmas Crackers (GilliansCrackerShop, $7)

PawPrint Stocking (Turnbow Designs, $35)

Merry Christmas Pug Card (SiouxAlice, $3.50+)







Bamboosa Giveaway Winner!

And now……the Winner of our Bamboosa Giveaway is………….



Lisa won Bamboosa’s sustainable & incredibly soft Sleepwear slip, along with a eco-gift for baby too – a 3pk of baby burp cloths!image

image*Thank you to everyone who entered & don’t forget to check back frequently on the blog & visit our current Giveaway page for more chances to Win! :)

And another Thank You to BAMBOOSA for hosting this great eco-giveaway! The Bamboosa line is Made in the USA from eco-sustainable – bamboo! Visit the Bamboosa website for more info & last minute holiday ordering!! :)

Clevercat Top-Entry Litter Box

A litter box is an obvious must-have in a cat owners home and there are several styles that are pretty standard. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a cat that uses a doggie door to do it’s business outdoors, you’re probably familiar with the classic rectagular litter pan option – it’s the one we’ve been using for years. For some reason, last week – we decided to switch.image

I don’t know if this style is something I will stick with long-term but I wanted to feature it and it is working so far! (*Note the surprise, it just seemed like an ususal style!) Also, my concern was that my cats were too large to fit inside but again, not the case. *I will mention that this would not be recommended for cats with joint or mobility issues.

Benefits to a top-entry litter box:

-Cats must hop in & out of the top, “wiping” their paws on the built in mat on the top of the litter box

-Less kicked litter because of the high sides & less tracked outside of the litter box

-Easy clean, liners available

-30 day money back guarantee

For more info, visit the Clevercat main website: 

Photo Contest – Plato Pet Treat Giveaway!



Send a picture of your pet to Win!!

Show us your holiday spirit with a photo of your four-legged friend!

*1 Winner EVERY FRIDAY in December!

Winners announced on the 12th, 19th & 26th

->Winner receives 3 bags of Plato Pet Treats: Turkey & Cranberry, Turkey & Pumpkin, Turkey & Sweet Potato


You are what you eat! It’s important to remember this when it comes to our four-legged friends as well! After all, they are part of the family too, right? :)

Plato Pet Treats gets a tail-wagging 5 stars from us with its eco-forward attitude and commitment to quality ingredients.

Plato’s line of treats features holiday inspired recipes with ingredients that make your pup feel like they are part of the family meal! …or maybe a great reward for staying away from that all-too-tempting holiday roast? :) Whenever my lucky pups get a treat, I like to know it’s something made with real ingredients by a company that cares!


Send a Photo of your Pet, along your answer to the Question of the Week:

Do you hang an extra holiday stocking for your pet?

Send to:

A big THANK YOU to Plato Pet Treats for partnering with EcoDog Blog to make this GiveAway possible!

More info on Plato Pet Treats: