Stretch Fleece for Dogs Big & Small – Get Ready for Cool Weather!

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 8.12.31 AMToday I’m happily giving a shoutout to my friends at Gold Paw Series! They sent a snuggly stretch fleece shirt for my puppy Farley and I am honestly very impressed! The fabric is SO soft, I really wish I had a matching scarf for myself!! Hehe…

It’s nice & stretchy so it’s an easy fit and I don’t feel bad pulling it on or off my dog. It’s lightweight so it’s breathable but also will be perfect for a cool day walk. With summer ending and fall pretty much *here* already, we’ve got lots of days ahead where we need to be snuggled up and stay warm and your pets are no different! 

This is an absolute great buy for all size of dogs – again – I LOVE that they don’t discriminate here and they offer a full range of sizes. The sizing chart online helps give a recommendation of sizing and they do also say to go down one size. I chose a Size 18 on my 30 lb mix pup and you can see it fits nice with a little bit of (growing) room! :)

If you’re looking to spoil your pup or want to plan ahead for a perfect gift for the animal lover on your list, head on over to!

Solution for Tired Feet! {Heated Foot Massager Review}

It’s no denying that a lot of us live busy lifestyles and after a long day, no doubt your *dogs* get tired! Yes, we are usually talking about canines but today we mean *FEET*! :) Who doesn’t love the feel of a good foot massage or a nice warm soak to soothe tired feet?

There is lots of evidence that our feet have pressure points that when massaged, reflect on other parts of our bodies, therefore increasing overall health. Not only is there science behind why it’s good for you – it just plain feels *great*!

I’ve been running my fair share of errands and it seems like the list keeps growing! It’s nice to know that when I come home, I can take just 15 minutes out of my day and give myself some much needed pampering / relaxation.

Read more about the benefits of massage on these helpful sites:

*Foot Massage Benefits from Livestrong

*Get In Touch with Benefits of Massage from Mayo Clinic


I’m a fan of the  Johnson Wellness Heated Foot Massager! It’s not your average foot massager – a higher end model with a modern lookseveral modes and a heat function as well. It has several different rollers that rub your feet in all the right spots (instead of just one massager rolling back and forth). Each mode lasts for 15 minutes and you can easily use while watching tv, on the computer or just lounging back and taking a few minutes to yourself and enjoy it!!

The  Johnson Wellness Heated Foot Massager also compresses your feet at certain points, giving the right amount of pressure and then releasing. It’s something different and what I think sets it apart from other foot massagers as well.

The heat function is nice but I wish it got a little bit warmer. One trick I’ve found that is an easy solution is to “pre-heat” but turning on the heat function before you turn on the massage and then it’s nice and warm for you. (Otherwise, you don’t really feel the heat until the end of the massage and it feels so good, all you’re wanting is more!)

Unknown-1The  Johnson Wellness Heated Foot Massager is also great for feet of all sizes. The pressure of massage is also adjustable so if you like more or less pressure that’s an option too. Another nice perk is the removable/washable cover – so I’ve let a few different friends try it to get their opinion too. It’s got great reviews from everyone who’s tried it and it’s funny watching people practically fall asleep, so relaxed, while using it!

Shop Online for the Johnson Wellness Heated Foot Massager !

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Trend Watch: Summer Stylin’

summer-stylin1: Seashell Dog Collar – In M, Buckle Style ($15, dogdazzle)

2: Red Gingham Checkered Plaid Dog 5 ft Leash “Gingham Style” ($15, Collardoos)

3: Watermelon reversible bandana ($4.25, sophisticatedpooches)

4: Orbee-Tuff Orbee Ball ($9.95+, PlanetDog)

5: Blue clouds large dog leash ($20, houndintown)

6: Highlands Sleeping Bag ($99.95, Ruffwear)

7: Salmon & Vegetables Recipe Real Strips (Plato Pet Treats, $12+)


Benefits of Dog Walking

Everyone needs exercise and, despite how much they already move, your dogs still need their daily dose of exercise. A walk can benefit both you and pup in several ways:

allieanddogsonhike*Instant endorphin boost: Even 10 minutes can uplift your attitude by releasing endorphins and put both you and pup in a better mood!

*Healthy heart: Walking is an excellent source of exercise to strengthen your heart – at any pace you walk or run, you’ll be benefiting your body

*Lower stress: Walking provides a positive outlook for energy and lowers stress – helping to prevent your dog from destructive behavior and lower pet separation anxiety

*Socialization and relationship bonding: Dogs are to ail animals and enjoy the outgoing activity of walking or jogging. Leash training can also strengthen your bond between you and your four-legged friend.

->Busy schedule? Consider hiring a dog walker! Follow the tips in my “Choosing a Pet Sitter” when picking a dog walker as well.

->Helpful links to find a dog walker in your area:



How to Switch Types of Cat Litter

I posted before that I’ve switched over to using a new brand of cat litter, Swheat Scoop, and now I thought I’d post a related how-to. Switching cat litter can seem like you’re taking a risk – what if you’re cat doesn’t like it? What if they just refuse to use it?

There are several helpful steps you can take to make the transition as easy as possible. By taking these steps you’re cats can switch litter brands without even noticing or being bothered by drastic change in their environment.image

*Pay attention to your pet – You know your cats habits and level of comfort with change. Some cats may only take a week to transition, others longer. Some cats might not need any transition time – my two cats, 2 years old and 10 years, neither one had issues transitioning from clay cat litter to a natural brand.

*Start by mixing the new litter in with your current brand.

*Over the course of one-two weeks, transition your cat from one type of litter to the next. This is the key to your cat using the new litter – often times a drastic change with no transition can lead to an unhappy cat and an unused litter box.

->Don’t forget-When pure transitioning two different kinds of litter, neither one will be working to its full potential. Which means extra cleaning! Once you’re cat has switched over to the new litter fully, it will be able to work to its full potential.

Do you have cats? Do you use clay cat litter, natural alternative litter or pellet litter? Leave your answer in our Comments!

New Puppy Must-Haves

Puppies are, of course, *adorable* and so are their teeny tiny toys! When shopping for a new puppy,its easy get overwhelmed and not get what you need or first set out for. With the holidays almost here, and a great how-to for anytime of the year, this guide will help you fill a gift basket with the essentials to welcome a new puppy! Whether it’s for your our new family member, or welcoming a friends new addition, these go-to items are must-haves for any dog owner with a new puppy.

image*Simple Solution product line- Training Solutions: Eco-training pads, training pad holder and travel training pads

*Crypton pet beds – Stain resistant, anti-microbial materials, durableimage

*BallBoy Collar & Leash – Natural collar and leash made from 100% natural grown hemp; Strong, light-weight, durable, softimage


*BallBoy Mini Hemp Toy – Hemp fibers are naturally shorter in length than other cotton or acrylic toys, which can easily get lodged in the gut after chewing. Hemp fibers pass through the stomach easier for less health issues and worry-free playtime.

*Wooden Pet Tag by Cropscotch – Laser cut, custom pet tags, made in the eco-Mecca, Portland, Oregon. Lots of styles to choose from in their online shop.image

image*Crate Cover – You maybe crate training a new pup and along with, obviously, a crate, consider getting a crate cover. Molly Mutt is an eco-friendly company with lots of creative and colorful products to choose from.

*Greenworks All Purpose Cleaner– Natural cleaning products are important with a new puppy around the house! There will be more messes to clean up but you’ll want to make sure you choose a natural product that won’t harm your pets.

image*Hemp Plush Toy – “Ella” by WestPaw– This adorable design is not only eco friendly but also made from a microbial fabric that is machine washable too! Made from 45% organic hemp fiber, 55% recycled polyester.

*Natural Edible Dental Treat – Puppies can be active chewers and these eco-forward treats are a must-have for all dog owners. HALO brand offers natural alternatives for treats and food for both dogs and cats.image

Do you have a favorite training toy you’ve used with your dog(s)? Share your recommendations in our Comments!

Trend Watch: Gingham Galore

gingham1UsagiTeam designer dog collars with bowties for dog and cat GIngham Blue, Red or Purple (usagiteam, $14)

Gingham Checked Mice Cat Toy 3 pack ($3.25)

Dog Collar – Dog, Martingale or Cat Collar – All Sizes – Gingham – Pink or Hot Pink (LearnedStitchworks, $9.95+) 

Pet Dog Sling Carrier Black and White Gingham Cotton with Pocket- Also available in red and white (cuddlebugg, $35) 

Zanies Gingham Tot Dog Toy, Hippo ($24.99)

Small machine washable gingham dog beds and cat beds (PlumandIvory, $88+)