Trend Watch: Seeing Spots

spots.jpgDog Bow Tie Navy Polka Dots (BullenBeisser, $15)

Yellow & White Polka Dot Leash (GreenBeanDog, $20+)

Polka Dot Pet ID Tag (Cropscotch, $17.99)

Round Polka Dot Pet Bed (UrbanSeam, $100)

Handpainted Polka Dot Cat (surfshopping, $12)

Blue Diva Polka Dot Snap Clips (PinkBrickBlvd, $7+)



Feeling Thankful

Wishing all of our friends & family a …

imageHappy & Safe Thanksgiving!!

One thing I am thankful for – you! I want to thank all of my readers for joining me through my eco-adventures and reading my posts! I sincerely enjoy bringing the latest in eco-trends and tips for our furry friends! Thanks for reading & please send any article suggestions or comments to:

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Snack Attack! Ostrim Meat Sticks & Trail Mix Review

Today I’m featuring one of my top picks for quality jerky snacks. (*Note: This eco-treat review is for humans, this product is not recommended for pets.)

Ostrim – Meat Sticks, Jerkee & Paleo Trail Mix

*High quality, high protein, low carb snacks

*On the go snack for an active lifestyle

image->Sometimes you need a quick pick me up and my favorite by far is the Ostrim Paleo Trail Mix! I don’t know why I’ve never thought of this before but they created an amazing combo – jerky along with fruit and nuts! Paleo Trail Mix is great mid-day or fantastic after a hike with your pup or refueling after a workout.

->Other Ostrim meat stick snacks include:

*Turkey - Applewood, Maple

*Beef/Ostrich – Teriyaki, Pepper, BBQ, Natural

*Beef/Elk – Sweet & Spicy, Teriyaki, Habanero

More reasons to <3 Ostrim:

-Gluten Free

-Low Fat, High Protein

-Natural Ingredients

Planning ahead for the holidays? Ostrim snacks make great stocking stuffers or make a gift basket with a variety of natural goodies! :)

For more info. on the Ostrim brand or to Shop Online, visit their main website:

Disclosure: This blog is written and edited by me personally. I give my honest opinion and assessment of any products featured on this site. (Full Disclosure & About Me)

Fresh ‘n Purr: Pet Odor Refresh

‘Tis the season for holiday entertaining and the last thing you want is guests to smell unwanted pet odor. Whether it be the litter box or a build up of dog hair/pet dander, you’ll want to prep your home for a worry-free holiday season. Just because you have pets doesn’t mean you should have to compromise freshness or cleanliness in your home.

One of our top picks for a home refresh/pet odor remover – Fresh ‘n Purr!image

Fresh ‘n Purr crystals are pet safe and ready to place directly in the little box for an instant freshness overhaul. One tiny scoop (scoop included), added directly to the litter box, keeps the litter smelling fresh and my cants don’t seem to notice/be bothered by the added product.

Fresh ‘n Purr also offers a spray deodorizer in a bright, green apple scent. This refreshing fabric spray is also pet safe and a great solution for odors on pet bedding or high traffic areas.

To find out more about Fresh ‘n Purr, or to Shop Online, visit their main website:

Disclosure: This blog is written and edited by me personally. I give my honest opinion and assessment of any products featured on this site. (Full Disclosure & About Me)

How to: Switch Cat Litter Brands

A couple weeks ago I posted that I’ve switched over to using a new brand of cat litter, Swheat Scoop, and this week, I thought I’d post a related how-to. Switching cat litter can seem like you’re taking a risk – what if you’re cat doesn’t like it? What if they just refuse to use it?

There are several helpful steps you can take to make the transition as easy as possible. By taking these steps you’re cats can switch litter brands without even noticing or being bothered by drastic change in their environment.image

*Pay attention to your pet – You know your cats habits and level of comfort with change. Some cats may only take a week to transition, others longer. Some cats might not need any transition time – my two cats, 2 years old and 10 years, neither one had issues transitioning from clay cat litter to a natural brand.

*Start by mixing the new litter in with your current brand.

*Over the course of one-two weeks, transition your cat from one type of litter to the next. This is the key to your cat using the new litter – often times a drastic change with no transition can lead to an unhappy cat and an unused litter box.

->Don’t forget-When pure transitioning two different kinds of litter, neither one will be working to its full potential. Which means extra cleaning! Once you’re cat has switched over to the new litter fully, it will be able to work to its full potential.

Do you have cats? Do you use clay cat litter, natural alternative litter or pellet litter? Leave your answer in our Comments!

  Disclosure: This blog is written and edited by me personally. I give my honest opinion and assessment of any products featured on this site. (Full Disclosure & About Me)

Stress Free Thanksgiving Tips

 Less stress means more time for what matters – spending time with family and friends and reflecting on what we’re thankful for! Follow our top tips for making your holiday season less stressful!

image*Plan a potluck – If you’re cooking the turkey, ask guests to bring a side or dessert. When everyone contributes it can lead to a more meaningful meal and a fun way to share favorite family recipes.

*Choose make-ahead recipes to save time & stress the day of! If you’re hosting, you can even set the table the day ahead to help save time.

*Vacuum and dust ahead of time to help pick up any pet hair or dander. This can greatly help reduce allergic reactions in case you may have a guest that is pet-sensitive.

*Switch up the traditional menu – try brunch! You can still have turkey too – turkey bacon, turkey sausage or how about a nice turkey tenderloin alongside quiche!

*Opt. for eating out – Skip the mess and cleanup all together by dining out this Thanksgiving!

*Donate your time to charity – Celebrate the holidays by giving back. Consider donating your time or goods to local charities in need.

*Politely remind guests not to feed pets any human food or thanksgiving leftovers. Animals can sometimes have unwanted reactions to additives that are found in our “people” foods.

What are your top tips for Thanksgiving? Leave your advice in our Comments!