Pup-a-chino! Dog Inspired Latte Art

At EcoDog, we are not just fans of coffee…but fanatics! Living on the West Coast we get to enjoy the abundance of easy-access coffee drive-thus, endless amount of local roasters and delicious new concoctions whipped up by the neighborhood baristas!
Portland, Oregon, being a hub for the coffee trend, has opened up a whole new world of coffee exposure to me!

Latte art is one of my favorite surprises when you order your drink only to discover a hidden treasure! Enjoy it while it lasts though, your one of a kind art piece is about to be destroyed with your first sip! Most commonly seen in the “rosetta” or flower/leaf shaped pattern, or, sometimes your barista will get creative.  At one of my favorite Portland coffee shops, Random Order, I’ve gotten everything from a skull and cross bones to my favorite heart with wings (and a rosetta! ooo!).

If you aren’t yet familiar with Latte Art, we won’t blame your barista for being lazy ( perhaps just uninspired?).
EcoDog dug up a few fun and inspiring animal-themed latte art pieces to help inspire your Monday!

Want to try your own hand at latte art?
Visit the websites below for some tricks and tips on how to create your own special designs!

RateMyRosetta.com – “How to Make Latte Art; Tutorials”

CoffeeGeek.com – “Frothing for Newbies & Intermediates”

Ehow.com – “How to Pour a Rosetta: Latte Art”

Solution for Tired Feet – Heated Massager Review

It’s no denying that a lot of us live busy lifestyles and after a long day, no doubt your *dogs* get tired! Yes, we are usually talking about canines but today we mean *FEET*! :) Who doesn’t love the feel of a good foot massage or a nice warm soak to soothe tired feet?

There is lots of evidence that our feet have pressure points that when massaged, reflect on other parts of our bodies, therefore increasing overall health. Not only is there science behind why it’s good for you – it just plain feels *great*!

With the new year here, I’ve been running my fair share of errands and it seems like the list keeps growing! It’s nice to know that when I come home, I can take just 15 minutes out of my day and give myself some much needed pampering / relaxation.

Read more about the benefits of massage on these helpful sites:

*Foot Massage Benefits from Livestrong

*Get In Touch with Benefits of Massage from Mayo Clinic


I’m a fan of the  Johnson Wellness Heated Foot Massager! It’s not your average foot massager – a higher end model with a modern lookseveral modes and a heat function as well. It has several different rollers that rub your feet in all the right spots (instead of just one massager rolling back and forth). Each mode lasts for 15 minutes and you can easily use while watching tv, on the computer or just lounging back and taking a few minutes to yourself and enjoy it!!

The  Johnson Wellness Heated Foot Massager also compresses your feet at certain points, giving the right amount of pressure and then releasing. It’s something different and what I think sets it apart from other foot massagers as well.

The heat function is nice but I wish it got a little bit warmer. One trick I’ve found that is an easy solution is to “pre-heat” but turning on the heat function before you turn on the massage and then it’s nice and warm for you. (Otherwise, you don’t really feel the heat until the end of the massage and it feels so good, all you’re wanting is more!)

Unknown-1The  Johnson Wellness Heated Foot Massager is also great for feet of all sizes. The pressure of massage is also adjustable so if you like more or less pressure that’s an option too. Another nice perk is the removable/washable cover – so I’ve let a few different friends try it to get their opinion too. It’s got great reviews from everyone who’s tried it and it’s funny watching people practically fall asleep, so relaxed, while using it!

Shop Online for the Johnson Wellness Heated Foot Massager !


 Disclosure: This blog is written and edited by me personally. I give my honest opinion and assessment of any products featured on this site. (Full Disclosure & About Me)

Trend Watch: New Year, New You – Staying Healthy


1: Snout Soother / Nose Balm (Natural Dog Company, $15.95)

2: Homemade, All Natural Cat Treats (House of Cat, $7.95+)

3: Turkey with Sweet Potato Dog Treats (Plato Pet Treats, $4.95+)

4: Custom Organic [Medium] Pet Bed (Kentucky Bluebird, $54+)

5: Vegan Cat Toy (misohandmade, $12/set of 2)

6: “Orbee-Tuff Snowball” (Planet Dog, $11.95)

7: Bug Free – Organic Insect Repellant (Aromatherapy Blends, $4/trial size)

8: Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil (Plato Pet Treats, $18+)

9: All Surface Pet Cleaner (gogreendoggo, $10)

Trend Watch: Staying Warm in Wintertime

winter.jpgReady to Ship Daschund/Small Dog Sweater (Puppy1Love, $41)

Cold Nose Warm Heart Pet ID Tag (ebonypawspets, $11)

Heated Outdoor Cat House (mikeduffe, $99+)

Soft Handmade Cat Sweater (RamonaStore, $28+)

Hedgehog / Guinea Pig / Glider Snuggle Sack (HedgehogsNorthwest, $9)

Cat Bed / Cave (vaivanat, $53)

Cold Nose, Warm Heart Picture Frame (CrystalCoveDS, $25)

Cat, Bird Gloves (talkingloves, $36)

Warm Winter Dog Coat (CozyHorse, $74)


Giving Back: Guardian Angel Medical Service Dogs

Today’s Giving Back highlights a hard-working charity, dedicated to helping provide trained canine companions for the disabled. Guardian Angel Medical Service Dogs is committed to changing lives through connecting loyal service animals with those in need.

buddyatpanpoint*Approx. 20% of our population, over 52 million in the U.S., suffer from mental or physical disabilities that prevent them from participating in normal, routine activities.

*Dogs are trained and fostered to provide assistance for medical watch and physical tasks. After passing training and education courses, Guardian Angel Service Dogs are then placed in a forever home where they will be making a difference in the daily life and spirit of a person in need.

*Guardian Angel Service Dogs uses donations to rescue, raise and train service dogs.

How to help:

*Many different ways to donate – from $ to tax-deductible donations from donating used goods – Click the image below to find out more on how to donate!


Don’t forget to share the link on your own social media sites! By helping to spread the word about this unique non-profit, you can make a difference!


Pet Photo Contest – Enter to Win!

And now, our first Winner of the howliday Pet Photo Contest! Our lucky winner gets 3 bags of Plato Pet Treats: Turkey & Cranberry, Turkey & Pumpkin and Turkey & Sweet Potato!


The winner is……….



If you didn’t win – don’t worry! You have 2 more chances to win from Plato Pet Treats!


Send a pet photo along with your answer to this week’s question:

How many pets do you have?

Email to : ecodogpdx@gmail.com

**2 more chances to win! Winner for this week’s questions chosen on the 19th and one more chance to win, final prize winner announced on the 26th.

treats.jpgAnother big THANK YOU to Plato Pet Treats for hosting our howliday Pet Photo Contest as well! Plato Pet Treats are one of our top picks for healthy, quality treats that you can feel good feeding your best friends!! :) You are what you eat & your pets deserve to eat well too! Plato Pet Treats line of holiday inspired treats are fun because they make your pet feel like part of the family meal – Turkey & Cranberry, Turkey & Pumpkin and Turkey & Sweet Potato! More info online at: platopettreats.com

Himalayan Dog Chew Review

Today I’m featuring a top pick for a durable, natural dog treat – Himalayan Dog Chews!

imageThis eco-forward treat features an age-old recipe that creates a long-lasting chew for lucky pups. Yak and cow milk is combined in a traditional Himalayan method to create a hardened “cheese” which is actually less than 1% fat per chew and safe for your pup to enjoy.

Ruby,my sisters 5 mo. old puppy, has been “taste testing” these treats



and gives it a high-flying review. Ruby is one busy puppy and she has chewed on Himalayan Dog Chew for over a week! They are definitely a great value for how long they last! Dogs of all ages and sizes can enjoy this eco-treat and owners can feel good because of its natural ingredients!

More reasons to <3 Himalayan Dog Chews:

-All Natural

-No Chemicals / Preservatives

-Lactose free / Grain Free / Gluten Free

-Long Lasting

To shop online or find more info. on these eco pet treats, visit the official website: www.himalayandogchew.com